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Christmas Gift For Your Bunny

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This is a perfect gift box for Christmas! We made some treats and toys that your bunny would love on Christmas day. In this gift box are:

* 1- Bun-na-na pop which is made of banana covered in flower herbs
* 1- Christmas Tree Cookie made of oats, pellets, banana, pumpkin and herbs
* 3- Toy balls
* 1- Toss toy mad of vine and hard wood
* 1- Bag of mixed herbs (dandelion, Chamomile, rosemary, raspberry leaf etc
* 5- Little heart treats made of blueberry and oats
* 5- Cookies made of oats each are: Reindeer (carrot), Tree (celery), Mr. Gingerbread (blackberry), Ms. Gingerbread (beat root) and rabbit is strawberry

Will come in a gifted box


*Does not come the bells